Where I’m from, mental health and xenophobia.

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Mental Health Stories

thu8Watching Eurovision just triggers some emotions and feelings inside me.
I remember the day Poland joined EU. After that, I remember watching Eurovision usually with my mum. Hardly ever Poland would actually qualify to the finals but I still liked to watch other countries.

As some of you might know, I’m not actually from England.
I was born in Poland. When I was 12 years old, my parents decided to move to the UK.
I was not ready for that! I hated it the idea so much, I tried everything to be allowed to stay in Poland. I even told my mum to give me up for adoption. But she didn’t.
I already experienced a lot of panic attacks, anxiety, and intrusive thoughts by this age. Which I didn’t really know how to cope with.
I thought we might move for a little bit. I thought of it more as…

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Four thing to ask yourself when your struggling with a mental health issues.

Jeannette gives us simple and yet powerful tools to live as fully as we can through mental health challenges.

My Life with PTSD & Bipolar

Four things to ask yourself while recovering from a mental health disorder. While researching I found four thought provoking questions: each question helps you to strengthen your mental health, your morals and your happiness.

1.Were you a person others can respect today?

After someone has gone through a significant trauma the lines of right and wrong turn into a blurry grey. Some like myself, feel bouts of impulsivity. It’s an uncomfortable urging feeling of not knowing what you’re capable of. Heather A. Berlin, PhD, MPH and Eric Hollander, MDW writes “The concept of impulsivity has many different aspects and definitions, but in general it covers a wide range of “actions that are poorly conceived, prematurely expressed, unduly risky, or inappropriate to the situation and that often result in undesirable outcomes,” or more simply put, a tendency to act prematurely and without foresight. Moeller and colleagues defined impulsivity as “a predisposition…

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