3 thoughts on “Are You In Prison?

    • Thank you for asking me about Diaconal Ministry and the Enneagram. Diaconal Ministry is one of two different forms of paid accountable ministry in the United Church of Canada. The majority of ministers are “Ordained” called to worship leadership, the sacraments and pastoral care. I am a “Diaconal Minister” we are called to education, social justice and pastoral care. We emphasize the importance of being the church together. We encourage people to discover their gifts to share with the world. We acknowledge that the Spirit works through each of us. Through our education in group process we are able to encourage people to walk their talk. We value the importance of worshiping, learning, playing and working in community. We have been trained through an adult style of learning which emphasizes a action/reflection experiential model of learning. In the United Church of Canada we understand that the Spirit works through many spiritual traditions and people who have no particular religious background or interest. We want to work with people who want to make the world a better place for all.

      I have been in recent years learning about the Enneagram. This is a tool for personal growth. The symbol of the Enneagram is ancient but the majority of information of how it relates to personality comes from modern psychology. It is a circle which represents nine different personality types. Each type from (1-9) has healthy, average and unhealthy aspects. Your number shows you where you are likely to get into problems. Your number is not intended to label you for life. It is more a tool to help you to grow strengths that represent all nine personality types. It helps you recognize when are getting healthier and when you are getting worse. I like it because I find that people of many beliefs and philosophies can get something out of it. It is something that can bring a great diversity of people together. I am learning from the Riso-Hudson school. Here is a link that would give you more information on it. https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/ .

      If you want more information, please be in touch with me. Thanks for your curiosity.

      Roland Legge

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